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MNP (mobile number portability)

Before you transfer your number to Mobiuz, you must make sure that the following conditions are met

  • The number is not blocked

  • Subscriber account balance is positive

  • The number is issued to you and your personal data is correct

  • You have made all payments in accordance with the conditions for providing the room and the room is not on rent/installment plan

What you need to do to transfer your number to Mobiuz

  • You need to contact the Mobiuz office

  • Submit an application to port your subscriber number

  • Wait for the procedure to check the possibility of number portability and issue a SIM card

  • Pay the cost of porting the number and the selected tariff plan

  • Get a new Mobiuz SIM card with your ported number

Why choose Mobiuz

  • Wide network coverage area!
  • Mobile application for convenient management of your number! Change your tariff, connect services, top up your account, participate in the loyalty program!
  • Regular bonuses and promotions for new and existing subscribers!
  • Unlimited Internet! Unlimited Internet access to resources within the framework of tariff plans of the “Xotirjam” line and the “UNLIM” service!
  • Unlimited communication! Unlimited voice within the network and throughout Uzbekistan within the framework of tariff plans and Gap ko'p services
  • No negative write-offs! The fee is debited only if there is a sufficient amount of funds in the balance.


What is MNP?

The MNP (Mobile Number Portability) service allows you to change your telecom operator while retaining your mobile number.

How much does the number porting service cost?

The cost of the service is 60,000 UZS

Will the number code change when changing operator?

No, the code will remain the same.

What documents are required to port a mobile number?

Passport of a citizen of Uzbekistan, or passport of a foreign citizen and PINFL

How long does the mobile number porting process take?

If all conditions are met, the number porting process will take a few minutes from the moment you submit your application.

Are there any special conditions without which the number will not be transferred?

Only restrictions on the part of the old operator (donor), such as a debt to him, a number purchased under certain conditions (Beautiful number), which is not fully paid for or is on rent/installment plan, personal data that does not match or other obligations that do not provide the opportunity to switch from this number to another operator. And also, if 30 days have not passed since the previous number transfer.

What to do if you are denied transfer with your number?

Resolve all issues with the donor operator or wait 30 days after the previous transfer, depending on the reason for the refusal to transfer.

Is it possible to transfer the funds available on the balance of my number with the previous operator?

No. Unspent funds should be returned in the prescribed manner directly from the donor operator.

Why do you need to get a Mobiuz SIM card?

Since the SIM card is an identifier in the operator’s network, its presence is necessary for correct operation and further use of the Mobiuz network after the number is transferred.

Is VoLTE and ViLTE technology available to subscribers who have transferred their number?

VoLTE and ViLTE technologies are temporarily unavailable for subscribers who have transferred their number.

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