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VoLTE is a technology that allows you to use the LTE network for calls: voice messages are transmitted as data packs. This is a new quality of communication format with high dial-up speed.

ViLTE - technology that allows you to make video calls between subscribers on the LTE network without using third–party applications. To make a call, it is necessary that both interlocutors have devices with ViLTE support and the connected service "Access to VoLTE".

The service only works on devices that support this technology*.

*For the technology to work, you need a smartphone with VoLTE/ViLTE support. The technology must be activated in the smartphone settings.

Important! Due to technical features, calls to short emergency numbers may not be available on some devices when the VoLTE service is active.

In case of non-call to emergency services, it is necessary to disable the VoLTE technology in the smartphone settings.

Availability: The service is available to subscribers connected to tariff plans for individuals in the LTE network coverage area of operator in the territory of Uzbekistan.

How do I enable it?

Enabling the service is available in the Mobiuz mobile app

How much is it?

Service activation fee: 0 UZS

Incoming and outgoing calls are charged according to the price set in the tariff plan.


To enable the "Access to VoLTE" service, you must have the "Access to 4G Network"service

To use the "VoLTE Access" service, the subscriber must be in the LTE coverage area

If the subscriber is blocked, the "Access to VoLTE" service is not available

Voice calls with "Access to VoLTE" service are available in the entire coverage area of Mobiuz LTE network in Uzbekistan

For voice calls with the "Access to VoLTE" service, minutes are spent within the tariff plan and the minutes package, or according to the price set in excess of the limit

The amount of MB within the tariff plan, MB package, and Internet traffic is not used for voice calls with the "Access to VoLTE" service

If a subscriber leaves the LTE coverage area during a call, they automatically switch to the 2G/3G network without interrupting the call.

The "VoLTE Access" service is not available in roaming

The "VoLTE Access" service and the "Conference Call" service are mutually exclusive. Connecting the VoLTE service causes the "Conference Call"service to be deleted

When performing USSD requests, the subscriber switches to the 2G/3G network


What are the advantages of VoLTE/ViLTE?

  • high connection speed (up to 2 seconds)
  • the ability to use data transmission without interruption or reduction in speed
  • high quality voice transmission
  • low background noise
  • saving battery power (due to no need to switch between 2G/3G/LTE networks)

What phones are VoLTE available on?

Smartphones supporting VoLTE technology.

How to set up VoLTE on a smartphone?

To connect VoLTE, the latest official version of the software must be installed on your smartphone.

On smartphones with IOS: Settings → Cellular → Data options → Voice and data → Enable “LTE, VoLTE on”;

On Android smartphones: Settings → Mobile network → Mobile data → VoLTE calls → Enable


Settings → Cellular → Options → Voice & Data → VoLTE


Settings → SIM cards and mobile networks → SIM card settings → your SIM card → Enable VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling. If there are no such items, in the standard calling application, go to dialing mode for a call and enter the code *#*#86583#*#* If you did everything correctly, you will see the message “Volte carrier check was disabled” at the bottom of the screen. This means VoLTE mode blocking is disabled.


Settings → Mobile network → Mobile data → VoLTE calls

Are MB spent on calls with VoLTE service?

When making calls, minutes are spent within the tariff plan and package of minutes, or according to the cost established above the limit. Internet traffic is not consumed.

Under what conditions may the service not work?

In case the smartphone does not support VoLTE/ViLTE technology.

What happens if you leave the LTE zone during a call?

If the caller leaves the Mobiuz LTE network during a call, he automatically switches to the 3G network and the call continues without interruption.

Where does VoLTE/ViLTE work?

VoLTE/ViLTE technology is available throughout the entire coverage area of the Mobiuz LTE network.

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