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Mobile TV from Mediabay!

The Mediabay Mobile TV service allows Mobiuz subscribers to view movies, TV series, and TV shows through the Mediabay mobile app

Mediabay Mobile TV: Connection instructions

Mediabay is an IPTV portal for movies and TV series.

It includes 4 portals:

  • Mediabay Premium TV
  • Mediabay TV+Metrotelecom
  • Mediabay Online TV
  • Mediabay Amediateka

The subscriber can choose a subscription, в depending on the service (Mediabay Premium TV, Mediabay TV+Metrotelecom, Mediabay Online TV, Mediabay Amediateka) and choose (срок действия) the subscription validity period (1,7,30 and 90 days)

When activating a subscription (service), the subscriber gets unlimited access to content for the subscription period - 1,7,30 and 90 days of the selected service.

Service price:

Subscription period

Mediabay Premium

Mediabay TV+Metrotelecom

Mediabay Online TV

Mediabay Amediateka


1 day

7,000 UZS

5,000 UZS

4,000 UZS



1000 UZS

7 days

23300 UZS

18,000 UZS

14,500 UZS

7,300 UZS

 5000 UZS

30 days

63900 UZS

52,000 UZS

42,000 UZS

21,000 UZS

10500 UZS

90 days

126500 UZS

110,000 UZS

90,000 UZS

45,000 UZS

22500 UZS

Link to download the app:


Activation process:

  • The subscriber is registered/authorized on the mediabay portal.uz or in the Mediabay app.
  • Selects the option "Mobiuz: Mobile TV" from the menu.
  • Enters your phone number in your Mediabay account.
  • The subscriber receives a verification code from the Mediabay number via SMS.
  • After entering the verification code, the subscriber can purchase a subscription for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or 90 days for the selected service.
  • The subscription is automatically deactivated at the end of the subscription period. To use it again, you must reactivate your subscription.


  • To use the Mediabay Mobile TV service, you must activate the Mobile Data service if it was previously disabled.
  • Activation of the service is possible if the balance is sufficient to write off the cost.
  • The subscription is valid for 1/7/30/90 days from the moment of activation, regardless of the subscriber's status.
  • The service is only active when it is not blocked.
  • Up to 3 devices can use an active subscription.
  • At the time of an active subscription, after authorization, Data traffic of the Mediabay application and the web version of the portal mediabay.uz, not charged.
  • Traffic is not charged only on the device that contains the subscriber number through which the subscription was purchased.
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