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Mobile Portal

The mobile portal allows you to do the following yourself at any time:

  • find out your balance
  • change the tariff plan and enable / disable the service

How to use it?

To use the Mobile Portal, simply dial *111# on your phone. You will be taken to a menu where you can sel ect the section you are interested in. Then follow the system prompts to perform all actions. The system’s responses are displayed directly on your phone screen. Unlike SMS messages, these messages are not stored in the phone’s memory and do not slow down its operation.

The Mobile Portal consists of 3 sections:

  • Balance sheet
  • Rates and services
  • Language selection

How much is it?

A call to *111# is free of charge. Navigating through the Mobile Portal menu is free of charge. Changes to the tariff plan, connection/disconnection of services using the Mobile Portal are paid in accordance with the tariffs set for these services. Any actions in the Mobile Portal fr om your phone are documented by special equipment and are considered your actions.

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