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Configure it

The free service «Set up» allows the subscriber to easily and quickly download settings for using additional Data services to their mobile phone (only if this phone model supports these services)

In order to use the «Setup» service, it is recommended that Data services are connected on the phone, then you can immediately check the success of the setup.

How do I activate the service?

1. To activate the service, you need to:

  • Send USSD command *111*021#
  • Send the number 1 to 616021.

2. Within a few minutes, the message «Data settings sent, please wait» will be sent to your phone.

3. After that, you will receive messages with the settings in turn. In response to each message, select «Save» and then «Done».

4. Then you receive an informational message «If you didn’t receive the settings, your phone's model probably doesn’t support them.»

If your phone supports these services, then after accepting and confirming the settings, you need to turn off the phone, and then turn it back on to activate the settings. Data services are now set up on your phone.

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