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Data packs
Included traffic MB
10 000 МB
25 000 UZS
5 000 МB
16 500 UZS
3 000 МB
12 000 UZS
2 000 МB
9 000 UZS
1 000 МB
5 000 UZS
500 МB
4 000 UZS
300 МB
3 000 UZS
200 МB
2 000 UZS


  • To use Internet packages, you must activate the Mobile Internet service if it was previously disabled

  • The corresponding amount of enabled traffic can be used within 1 day from the moment of activation of the package, regardless of the period when the subscriber is temporarily blocked during this period

  • The time interval between purchases of packages must be at least 10 minutes

  • The amount of all purchased daily packages is summed up, and the period of use is extended until the end of the last purchased daily package and is 1 day from the date of purchase.

  • To avoid incorrect billing, you must restart your phone, tablet, or USB modem after purchasing the Internet package (remove it from your computer and insert it again)

  • The purchase of a daily Internet package does not affect the period of use of the monthly Internet package.

  • After the end of enabled traffic, or the expiration of the daily package, traffic is charged according to the established rates.

  • If there are also unused megabytes charged under the tariff plan and the daily Internet package, megabytes are first spent under the daily Internet package.

  • Priority of spending traffic if a subscriber has more than one package type: Daily package -> Traffic within the tariff plan -> OnNet traffic -> Monthly package

  • Priority of using Internet packages in the period from 00: 00 to 8: 00: Night package - > Daily package - > Traffic within the tariff plan -> OnNet traffic -> Monthly package

  • The terms of providing packages do not change when you change the service plan.

  • The packages are valid only if the subscriber is located in the network of UMS LLC on the territory of Uzbekistan.