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Virtual Reception of the General Director of UMS LLC
Terms of use

If you left your question during this period and it is still relevant, please fill out the application again.

In order to improve the quality of mobile communication services, you are given the opportunity to send an appeal in electronic form directly to the General Director of LLC "UMS".

In this case, the appeal sent by you is official.

In this regard, please familiarize yourself with the Rules of submitting electronic appeals:

1. The company considers appeals related to the activities of LLC "UMS" and does not interfere in the activities of other telecom operators.

2. If you appeal as a physical person, you need to indicate your surname, first name, patronymic, information about the place of residence and state the essence of the appeal. In an appeal of a legal entity you should specify its full name, location (postal address) and state the essence of the appeal.

3. In the appeal it is necessary to specify the contact phone number. The company accepts and considers appeals submitted by subscribers of LLC "UMS". In case the applicant is not a subscriber of LLC "UMS", the appeal should indicate a specific proposal, violation or other issue linking the Company with the applicant of the appeal.

4. Scanned copies of documents may be attached to the appeal, in case of reference to these documents in the appeal. In case of necessity in additional information, certificates and materials for full, objective and timely consideration of the appeal UMS LLC may additionally request information from the individual or legal entity that submitted the appeal.

5. If it is impossible to consider the appeal in the absence of the applicant or another person, they can be summoned by an official of UMS LLC. In case of non-appearance of the summoned appellant "UMS" LLC sends a reply about impossibility of consideration of the appeal without his participation.

6. Pay attention! It is forbidden to submit appeals containing slander, insults and false denunciations.

7. We would also like to remind you that you can refuse to consider the appeal on the following grounds:

if the content of the appeal is incorrect (use of obscene or insulting expressions, threats, sentences devoid of logic and meaning, etc.);

if the text of the appeal contains incomprehensible abbreviations or advertising materials, it does not contain specific statements, complaints or proposals.

if the subject of the appeal does not concern the activities of UMS LLC.

in the case of requesting information on the number not registered to the applicant of the appeal.

8. Also the appeal of one and the same user, containing the question, on which repeatedly provided an answer, except for cases when in the appeal new arguments are given or new circumstances are indicated.

9. The terms of submission of Claims under the Agreement on provision of mobile communication services are set out in the Public offer, which is posted on the official website of the Company.

10. Appeals are considered within fifteen days from the date of receipt in LLC "UMS", and in the case requiring additional study and (or) verification, request for additional documents - within one month. These requirements are established on the basis of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

11. By submitting an application, you confirm your consent to the processing of personal data specified in the questionnaire.