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My Music

MyMusic - gives opportunity to choose and set melodies or phrases that will be played instead of the usual long beeps in the handset of your callers.

To activate the subscription:

  • you need to call the short number 777, then following the instructions, you will be able to listen and choose your favorite melody and set it instead of the standard ring tone.

The call to 777 is not charged;

  • go to http://mm.mobi.uz/, choose a melody, confirm your phone number, then you will receive a pin-code which you need to dial to activate the service.

To deactivate the subscription:

  • it is necessary to send “STOP” by SMS to the short number 777;
  • call to 777 short number, then follow the instructions to deactivate the service;
  • go to http://mm.mobi.uz/, in the “Profile” section click on the “Disconnect Service” button.

Informational SMS messages are received from the short number 777.

Subscription billing is performed from the short number 5127 (SMS).

Service numbers: 777 (IVR), 777 (SMS), 5127 (SMS).

The cost of 1 (one) incoming SMS-message from 5127 number is 1000 UZS including VAT.


Dear subscribers! Please carefully check the SMS number to which the request is sent. In case a subscriber dials and sends SMS messages to wrong numbers to receive content services, no refunds will be issued for incorrect SMS messages.

Subscriber department of the content provider: +998712004555.


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