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Mobile TV "Allplay"!

Watch your favorite programs, movies and TV shows through the Allplay app without spending data traffic!

Mobiuz Mobile TV: 9 simple steps to activate it

Allplay is a mobile app that includes:

Online TV – digital TV with more than 60 channels!

Allmovies.uz – video portal with the ability to view TV shows and movies in HD quality! (foreign content)

Amediateka is an online service with world hits and blockbusters produced by HBO, CBS and others. Premieres the best TV shows on the planet simultaneously with the whole world, in high quality and without ads!

When activating the Mobile TV service, traffic within the Allplay mobile app is not charged and does not consume the existing data packs!

Service price:


Online TV


1 day

2,000 UZS

4,000 UZS

2,000 UZS

7 days 

7,300 UZS

14,500 UZS

7,300 UZS

30 days

21,000 UZS

42,000 UZS

21,000 UZS

90 days

45,000 UZS

90,000 UZS

45,000 UZS

To enable it, you need to:

Complete registration/authorization on the Allplay portal

  1. Sel ect the "Mobiuz" option fr om the menu:mobile TV"
  2. Link your phone number to your account in the Allplay app
  3. You will receive a verification code fr om the Allplay number on your phone
  4. After entering the verification code, you will be able to activate your subscription for a day, week, 30 or 90 days
  5. After activating your subscription, you will be granted access to Allplay resources for 1/7/30/90 days
  6. To use it again (after 1/7/30/90 days), you must reactivate your subscription
  7. To re-activate your subscription, sel ect the "Mobiuz" option in the menu.:mobile TV" and purchase a new subscription.

Download link for the Allplay app:

For IOS: https://allplay.uz/ios

For Android: https://allplay.uz/android


  • To use the Mobile TV service, you must activate the Mobile Data service if it was previously disabled.
  • Activation of the service is possible only if the balance is sufficient to write off the subscription price. After activation, the subscriber's account must be at least 42 UZS.
  • The service is valid for 1/7/30/90 days fr om the moment of activation, regardless of the subscriber's status.
  • The service is only available in the non-blocked state
  • The subscription is only active on the subscriber number wh ere it was purchased.
  • Active subscription does not apply to web versions of portals (allplay.uz, allmovies.uz)

Traffic is not charged only within the Allplay app.

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