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"Bring a friend"

Take part in the "Bring a Friend" promotion and get 5000 MB each!

As part of the promotion, all existing subscribers can generate 5 unique codes and transfer them to potential subscribers to get 5000 MB at the time of their application by new subscribers, in turn, new subscribers after registering in the network and entering a unique code also get 5000 MB.

To participate in the promotion, a current subscriber must dial *8#

When typing a command, it will generate 5 unique codes that it can transmit to potential subscribers.

After registering the subscriber number, the new subscriber enters the received code in the following format: *8*number of the invited subscriber *received code#

After entering the command, the subscriber receives 5000 MB, respectively, and at the same time, the subscriber who has generated a unique code also receives 5000 MB.


  • The promotion is open only to subscribers who are on tariffs for individuals, with the exception of TP “Mobiuz 8 yil” and “Kontragent arenda”

  • The subscriber can generate 5 unique codes once

  • The issued codes are valid for 6 months. (that is, the current subscriber has the opportunity to bring 5 new subscribers within 6 months)

  • A" new " subscriber is considered to be a subscriber registered in the network for up to 30 days

  • For the" inviting subscriber", the received data is summed up among themselves. The bonus validity period is extended according to the date of the last activated bonus

  • The 5000 MB bonus pack is valid for 7 days

  • To check the remaining MB, dial *102*0#

  • Priority of spending traffic for the bonus pack if the subscriber has more than one pack type: Daily Data > Traffic from the "Bring a Friend" bonus pack -> Tariff traffic -> OnNet service traffic - > monthly Data pack> other purchased and promotional packs.

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