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Mobiuz app Bonuses

Bonus system is a loyalty program in the Mobiuz mobile application, under which the user can accumulate points and exchange them for MB packs.

How to get involved?

Download the mobile application, register and collect points for actions performed in the application.

What are bonus points?

When registering in a mobile application and creating a profile, the user creates an additional balance with points that are issued to users for performing certain actions.

  • Points can be spent on activation of promotional packs in the application

  • Points are not issued to the subscriber in cash equivalent

  • Points cannot be transferred to another user/subscriber

How are points awarded?

Points in the application are awarded for the following actions:


Number of points


First registration in the application

500 points

one-time bonus

First linking of a bank card in the application (UZCARD, HUMO)

500 points

one-time bonus

Topping up the balance of Mobiuz subscribers

15 points for every 1000 soum

bonus for every replenishment

Bonus for invited subscriber

150 points

one-time bonus for each invitee

Bonus after linking a bank card by a previously invited subscriber (UZCARD, HUMO)

500 points

one-time bonus for each link

 Payment for services from other providers*  5 points for every 1000 sum bonus for every payment

“Bonus 2000 MB” for successful verification in the MyID system through the Mobiuz mobile application

How can I spend my accumulated points?

You can exchange your accumulated points for internet packages*.

Internet packages can be connected both to the user’s subscriber number and to the number of another Mobiuz subscriber.

The following internet packages are available for connection:


Traffic volume

Cost in points


Data pack 100 MB

100 MB


30 days

Data pack  200 MB

200 MB


30 days

Data pack  300 MB

300 MB


30 days

Data pack  500 MB

500 MB


30 days

     Data pack  1000 MB 1000 MB 2700  30 days
     Data pack  2000 MB 2000 MB 5000  30 days
     Data pack  3000 MB 3000 MB 6600 30 days 

Download mobile application:

The application is available in  Play market  and  Appstore

Download the application 


  • To use Internet packages, you must activate the “Mobile Internet” service if it was previously disabled.

  • The traffic volume of Internet packages within the mobile application is not summed up with the volume of other connected packages.

  • The traffic volume of Internet packages within the mobile application is summed up with similar packages

  • At the end of the included traffic, the traffic is charged according to the established tariffs.

  • If there are simultaneously unused megabytes accrued within the tariff plan and the Internet package, the megabytes from the tariff plan are consumed first.

Priority of traffic consumption if a subscriber has more than one type of package:

  • Daily Internet package ->Traffic within the TP ->traffic within the OnNet service->monthly Internet package> Packages within the mobile application > other packages

Priority for using Internet packages from 00:00 to 8:00:

  • Night Internet package -> Daily Internet package -> Traffic within the tariff plan -> OnNet traffic -> Monthly Internet package -> Packages within the mobile application > other packages

  • The conditions for providing packages do not change when changing the service plan.

  • Packages are valid only when the subscriber is in the UMS LLC network in Uzbekistan.

  • Prices include VAT.

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